Our Mission and Vision

Verity Healthcare Professionals (VHP) is carefully supporting the professional development of healthcare professionals to assure patient safety and provide high quality health care services.

Verity Healthcare Professionals (VHP) has focused on supportinghealth care professionals consistently through well-organized training programmes to equip them with skills, competences and expertise to perform their roles successfully and achieve better outcomes for patients and clients.

Our training programmes are developed and delivered by world class and renowned health professionals with many years of experience in teaching, mentoring and coaching other health professionals to develop a wide range of knowledge, skills and expertise in the medical, health and social care field.

Our Mission

For Verity Healthcare Professionals to continue to be the organization of choice that is committed to ensuring that the healthcare professionals are highly skilled and well-equipped at all times to meeting and exceeding compliance and highest standards of quality and safety for all patients and service users.

Our Vision

To be the champion for supporting health professionals with unique professional development opportunities so that they are well equipped to providing high quality health care which easily accessible, efficient and safe to all patients and clients. We adopt integrated approaches to training and professional development by creating space for health care professionals to reflect on their practices, consolidate knowledge; sharpen their skills and keep themselves updated with new legislations and requirement for practice. VHP seeks to contribute to the demand for improving our health systems and achieving the wellbeing of patients in creating cohesive and thriving communities with prosperous health economy.

Our CoreValues

Verity Health Professionals operates within core values underpinned by:

  • Strong leadership
  • Pursuit for excellence
  • Maintaining accountability
  • Preserving integrity
  • Passion for professional development

Our Goal

The main goal of VHP is to serve as a supportive training provider to health care professionals – health care assistants, nurses, midwives and doctors as well as allied health professionals and those considering a career in the healthcare sector. Thus, we seek to ensure that:

  • VHP is a centre of excellence at all times in providing outstanding and exciting training, supportive and professional development services for health care professionals and the general public.
  • VHP will work with various healthcare organistionals and professionals to maintain training programmes that are bespoke and tailored to the needs of different NHS Trusts and private healthcare organisations – hospitals, hospice, clinics etc.
  • VHP will be proactive in updating training content to ensure that health professionals are updated with current information and changes in legislation and to help health professionals to become compliant and avoid legal challenges
  • VHP will be a model activity based programme, generating concepts and methods for promoting professional development activities that are useful to healthcare professionals are all times
  • VHP will develop as a facilitator and a technical resource base for promoting effective professional development and training programmes that for healthcare professionals.

Our Objectives

VHP has key objectives:

  • To help develop confidence and self-esteem by helping health professionals to own the training and professional development programmes
  • To provide participants with the opportunity to gain accredited and marketable professional skills which are portable and can lead to employment opportunities elsewhere
  • To create a forum for professional dialogue and ideas for performing health care services effectively and efficiently
  • To develop role models within the healthcare sector and communities which can promote and create a hub for support healthcare professional to cope with the challenges in the daily working life
  • To initiate dialogue, build collaborations and networks with different stakeholders within the healthcare sector (government, industry, institutions etc) for actively promoting healthcare education and systems to secure sustainable healthcare delivery.
  • To generate first class resource and development material and data continually for providing outstanding training and education programme and conducting research and securing documentation for building human resources, supporting innovative actions and for supporting quality services and advocacy.

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