Why Choose Verity Health Professionals

VHL pride itself for being a centre that supports healthcare and clinical excellence by providing appropriate and practical training to support and sharpen the expertise of healthcare professionals.

Verity Health Professionals is one of the largest providers of healthcare training organization that supports professional and legal standing of medical and healthcare professionals. We welcome healthcare professionals to consider Verity Health Professionals because VHP has:

The right training and education programmes

  • There is a wide range of mandatory, statutory and specialist training programmes that have been verified, endorsed and certified by CPD certification, Royal College of Nursing, Royal College of Midwifery and Royal College of Physicians
  • A range of educational courses at different levels to help trainees and learners to progress into further and higher education in healthcare
  • We provide opportunities for healthcare professionals to gain post-graduate certificates from Higher Education Institutions
  • We support those seeking a career in the healthcare sector to study vocational or Access courses and gain certification
  • We provide bespoke and culturally-specific training and education to meet the wide- ranging needs of learners and participants

The right training and education facilities

  • VHP has built modern learning and developmentfacilities, with multimedia resources for interactive training and learning sessions.
  • The facilities support training in intensive and complex care as well as day-to-day clinical activities in hospitals, hospices, clinics and in individual’s home.

The right lecturers and facilitators

Choose VHP
  • Our uniqueness and outstanding reputation lies with the excellent and well-renowned lecturers and facilitatorswho conduct training and workshops at the Centre.
  • The lecturers and facilitators are still working as healthcare practitioners, compliance officers for ensuring clinical governance and lecturingat Universities and other Higher Education. You may read more about our lecturers and facilitators, their careers, experiences and motivations.
  • Our lecturers and facilitators are very dedicated, friendly and patient with industry experience, right qualifications and many years of experienceand expertise in the subjectsthey teach.

The right field of study in healthcare

  • Our dedicated staff are available and happyto support individual who want to pursue a career in medicine, nursing and health and social care
  • Our learners and attendeesare supported to choose and undertake training and education to support career development and progression.
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The right training support, coaching and mentoring

  • VHP provides holistic training and education to participants and offers:
  • One-to-one and bespoke sessions with trainers and lecturers
  • Access to course materials which have been verified and endorsed
  • Practical support through mentoring and coaching on career and professional progression
  • Opportunities for social network and connection with other professional conversation

The right work experienceand guaranteed employment

  • Whether, you are already working as a healthcare professional or seeking a career in the healthcare sector, VHP will not only support you with training but also provide:
  • Work experience and enrichment opportunities, to help you develop key employability and life skills for career development and progression

The right partnership for delivery of training and education

  • Verity Health Professionals works in partnership to develop and deliver health education locally and overseas. We work in partnership with NHS Trusts and Local Council to deliver bespoke workshops and training sessions. Our flexible approach enables us to tailor training programmes to specific needs.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team on 0203 771 5653.



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